CONGRATULATIONS! If you can see this page your server is up and running, and unless you didn't stop the name server you should access the Webmin interface on port 10000 via https://cookie:10000 or else https:// [your current IP] :10000

  • CUPS - Common Unix Printing System can be accessed on http://cookie:631 or you can use the printer administration on webmin
  • TorrentFlux is here
  • You can see PHPinfo here
  • WebERP is here
  • SquirrelMail is here
  • Morizot's (EFG) Easy Firewall Generator is here
  • PHPLdapAdmin is here
  • PHPMyAdmin is here

TorrentFlux Login:
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!!!What You Need to Do!!!

Hylafax Server needs a modem! Default setup is under ttyS0 (serial port 1).
If you planning on using the server you probably need to run 'faxaddmodem' command to setup your modem and phone details...
-SMS- Superb! Mini Server Project Ó 2007